About Us

How We Started

In September of 1975 Freedom Ministries was established by 22 year old Youth
Evangelist Mike Sage. Three years later on September 3, 1978 The Freedom Tabernacle Baptist Church was founded. Since then both sections have been working together for the good of the surrounding comminities.  Today brother Mike Sage remains the Pastor of Freedom Tabernacle and the Director of Freedom Tabernacle Ministries.

Where We Are Today

We are currently undergoing a building project here at Freedom to construct a theatre type sanctuary with full production capabilities. This project has been a long time in the making and God has used his people to provide bountifully! With just a little over 3.5 million already put to use God's new house is nearing completion. The flooring is currently being installed and finished and the pews are in the making. After the flooring is finished, the pews will be put in. Once that is completed our final step is to hang the main stage curtain and we will be ready to begin the use of our new facility for the glory of God and the furthrance of his kingdom! Please join us in prayer as we continue on this journey and as God continues to provide for his glory and his names sake.

Our Focus

Our Lord's Church who meets here at Freedom rests upon the foundation of
The WORD. The preaching of the Gospel is most important and praying without
ceasing is essential. We must strive to stay focused on the Great
Commission. Various outreaches of the Church range from community food distribution, financial assistance for those in need, jail and prison ministry,
radio and television work, bus ministry, youth and senior citizen
groups, weekly visitations, music ministry, twenty-four hour counseling services,
rehabilitation services for 18-21 year old addicts, and support of and
assistance to missionaries around the world.
We must have God's power and protection each and every day! We must stay focused on our Mission to present our Master and Savior to the masses all around this world!

God's New House

The pews have been installed and the main stage curtain is hung. We are now in the final steps of purchasing equipment for classrooms and putting the finishing touches on the sound/lighting equipment. If you would like to donate a link is on our Welcome page to our secure PayPal account. Thank you for your continued prayers and support as we move forward in finishing this building for the Glory of God's kingdom!