Pastor's Corner



-Please plan to be here for
Worship and The Word
this Sunday at 10:30 AM

-Pray for The Loves in Zimbabwe and all other Missionaries there, as well as for all the people throughout the Country.

-Keep praying for the precious folks in Puerto Rico as they continue to struggle with recoverying from hurricane damage.

-Revival begins Sunday Night, April 8 at 7 pm at the Mount Hope Methodist Church
in Fries, Virgina 
​Service will continue Monday- Wednesday nights at 7 also.  Pray and come join us if you can!

-​Please subscribe to FOCUS OF FREEDOM on YOUTUBE  thanks

-We have ordered furniture and furnishings to put in all the classrooms so please say a prayer that God will bless and we will have the classes up and running as soon as possible.

We are planning and preparing for the paving of the parking areas!  Pray

-Freedom is preparing to launch into a wide array of ministries shortly.  Pray for those who God is raising up to do His will and work.

-If your local Church does not have services on wednesday evenings then you are invited to join us here at Freedom for our Bible Study at 7pm.  We are discussing "The Church" and will be following the history of our Lord's Church from the beginning until now.  Join us with pen and paper  as we will be praying together as well.

  We have started emails to our 
so watch your inbox....
Please use the above email address
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Friends of Freedom
For over 40 years now we have been laboring for our Lord here on Freedom Ridge and HE has richly blessed in countless ways.  Recently, you on the mailing list, received your mail out.  PLEASE respond by sending in your enclosed envelopes to let us know if you want to stay on the snail mail or move to the email list.
Prayer List

Please keep the following precious people in your prayers:
-The Bristol Revival-  May 21- June 1
Betty Peake needs us to hold her up in prayer daily.
Keep Brother Bradley Music in prayer.  Pray for his wife, Linda, as well
Please pray for Brenda Lester that God will bring healing to her body and strength to her and her family.  Louise Hall needs us all to hold her up in prayer and Charlie too!
​Please pray hard for Dennis Armstrong!  Hold his family up inprayer also!!
Pray for Zillie McKinnon and her family.  Zillie is very low physically but well spiritually!
Bessie Kirk is recovering from her hip replacement.
Vincent Paschal is now resideing in the Glories with our Lord and his family who went ahead.
​Pray for Pastor David Powers as he recovers from injuries.
 Please, Keep his family in your prayers. Jo Ann Pruitt is in out prayers daily
 Pray for Garland Farmer!  Dreama Jones needs our prayers daily!
​Please keep Sister Jean Barrett in your prayers and her family as well.
Please keep Jackie Perry and his family in your prayers, Pray for Angel Isom,
Linda Widener has undergone open heart surgery so let's all keep her in prayer for 
a speedy and successful recovery!  Hope Kirby also underwent the same surgery and is 
recovering now, so pray for her as well.  Janet Brooks is recovering from knee replacement so
pray for her too!  Dollie VanHoy sure needs us all to hold her up daily as she continues her 
cancer treatments.  Keep Sally Robinson in your prayers as she recovers from her medical 
situation!  Believe for a complete healing!  Jimmy Grubb and Bonnie that Jimmie will be totally healed and restored!  Dennis McFarlane, Phyllis Gray, Patrick Testerment and Bill and Betty,
Pray for Dennis Gillispie and for his mom Shirley also please,
Pray for Tinker Holman as he recovers from a heart attack.
Tinker's aunt, Shirley Burgess, is also in the hospital and needs us to keep her in our prayers.
Keep Mae Romans in prayer as she continues her fight against cancer, 
Kyle Garvis needs us to pray for him as he recovers from an accident!
Bob and Carolyn Kell, please remember them right now in deep prayer,
The Love Family in Zimbabwe, Dreama Jones and Steve, Lloyd Anderson,
Bill, Nancy and Gary Carrico, Freddie Blevins, Kim Doss,​
Keep praying for Lorrie!  Always keep her precious mom and family in prayer too
Little Janella Jones, 3 years old, and her family, Randy Pennington,Wanda VanNoy 
 Ray and Ann Parada, Ann Whisman, Janet Parris, Joe Price, Ella Kegley,
Dennis McFarlane, Wayne Shupe, Bruce Russell and Wilma, Phylis Gray, Logan Chatham, 
Greg Chandler, Doug Testerman, Randal Hamm, Alice Neal, 
Zola Nelson, Donnie Surber, Diane Worrell, Carrie Sexton, Ruby Johnson, Patricia Frazier,
Charlie Coane, Dennis Harris, Judy Vaught, Kallie Hayden,  Steve and Dreama Jones,
Diane and Justice Silver, Ruth Silver, Billy Bowman, Michael Wilson, David Lambert, Larry Armstrong, 
Beverly Mountain, Reba Bridges, Missy Roghie, Kimmy Fisher, Lucille Farmer, Mike Spear,
Steve Harris, Debbie Martin, Ella Mae Ayers, Ralph Hall, Brady and Chance Harrington,
Thelma Cannon, Lindsay Surber, Janie Malone, Tammy Peake, PeeWee and Wanda Thomas,
Auburn Cleveland, Joyce Lowe, Cathy Blair, Kent Pruitt, Rankin Ring, Amanda Doane, David Thomas,
Jason Mote, Eddie Stanberry, Bob McGuire, Laurie Render, Johnny Troxell,
Mr. Coleman(99 years old), Betty Sage, Steve and Aretha Love, Missionaries worldwide,
plus the countless ones who are sick and shut-in at home.
Please allow the Holy Spirit to put people on your heart to pray for as you pray in the Spirit.

                     Please think of those in the nursing homes and retirement centers and rehabilitation facilities: 
                      Loretta Guess, Bea Havens, Pat Richardson. Joleen Parris, Peanut Ross, Randy Pennington, Beckey Chatham, Little Preacher Billy, Ozzella Glass and many others  

                    Remember our Military around the world!  Think of the Christians and others who are suffering 
                    at the hands of isis and other violent groups around the worldl

                    Please pray for the finishing up of the new building!  We are basically down to the paving of the parking areas.  Keep Praying and believeing God

Pray for our Nation during this crucial and pivotal year.  

                     Revival in our local Churches in America and around the world!!  Missionaries carrying the 
                                                                     Gospel into all Nations . . .